Patricia Goodwin / Felicity Lee President Ivory Garden

We are so excited to be sponsoring this years upcoming conference this year.

2015 Trauma & Dissociation Conference: Fundraiser to Benefit TOP DD Studies

Patricia Goodwin / Felicity Lee Ivory Garden President

Felicity Lee / Pat Goodwin

I am the president of Ivory Garden and the ‘owner’ (in title only) of Ivory Garden DID Support Group –formed in 2007.
I am a private person and prefer to keep my personal life private, but have now found it necessary to publish more information about myself.
During my lifetime, I have taken in more than 20 foster children (who all treated me well), raised them, and am still in touch with them.
I am 62 years old and have worked in many different fields including: accounting (county treasurer office), financing, Real Estate, and as a certified special education teacher. (I will attach a short resume). In all lines of work, I have been fingerprinted and was trusted with large amounts of money. My fingerprints are currently on record.
I have two grown sons, ages 42 yo and 37 yo. Both are…

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