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About Ivory Garden:

Ivory Garden is a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization and offers no goods or services in exchange for contributions, so your gift is fully tax – deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Ivory Garden is dedicated to providing resources, education, communities (forums, and live chat rooms), and support for survivors of childhood trauma, those who support prevalors of childhood trauma – including family, friends, mental health professionals, educators, and other interested parties. Through these activities, Ivory Garden strives to support and raise public and professional awareness of childhood trauma and its effects on prevalors and their supporters through education and annual international conferences.

Anyone can join Ivory Garden www.igdid.com either to participate in groups, to support Ivory Garden, and/or to take advantage of information and newsletters.

Ivory Garden Dissociative Identity Disorder Support Group (IGDID):

This is a community of folks who struggle with dissociative disorders.  It is private international community where members discuss a variety of topics all focused on moving forward with healing. It is our most active community, with about 500 posts a day and 2,000+ members. Members are supportive, accepting of each other, validating, and compassionate. The community includes a professional staff, a store, articles, international chat rooms with audio and video capacity, and a variety of activities.

Live International Chat Rooms:

Our chat rooms have the option of text, audio, and video. There are several rooms and each of the communities have access to the chat rooms. There are regular chat activities including: educational topics of discussion, little’s chats, karaoke, group games, teen-talk, webinars and other activities.

Bi-Monthly Newsletters:

We provide a comprehensive newsletter for all members.


A wide range of articles are included both here and on the site of each community. These are constantly being updated.


Members contribute artwork regularly.

Personal Stories, poetry, and other prose:

These are found throughout our website and in each community. Most are contributed directly by our members.


Educational and tutorial – these are announced and available on each community.

We provide these communities, activities, and information in order to promote understanding of the effects that trauma has on prevalors; as well as healing and comradely; and to give folks a place to feel at home; meet others, and have discussions in safe environments. We understand that reaching out through the internet can be scary. Our community is adequately staffed and we are always available to help. We want all to enjoy being a part of Ivory Garden.

International, annual “Trauma and Dissociation” Conference:

This year, the topic is : Adult survivors of child abuse experience daily struggles related to what and how they learned to react to past traumatic experiences that are no longer happening. Prevalors, their supporters, and the mental health community also struggle with misinformation they learned in school or the media and thus, a lack of appropriate mental health services. All of these create overwhelming challenges for dissociative clients, mental health professionals, and supporters alike. This conference brings clarity through science-based information not provided at any other conference.

1. Attendees will understand how and why public opinion has effected trauma clients’ ability to obtain appropriate mental health care today.
2. Attendees will understand how trauma effects children and adult survivors – including the results of scientific research
3. Attendees will leave the conference with an overall knowledge of trauma and dissociation today and skills that can be used in everyday life and in the therapeutic environment.

Information on this conference and last years’ can be found at www.igdid.org.

If you need information or would like to become involved, email Pat Goodwin, President at felicity4us2@gmail.com.

Member Testimonials:

My name is Shirley Davis known on the Ivory Garden website as Morgan. I have been a member of Ivory Garden for two years. I am a Moderator.

I would like to tell you a little about myself. I was born in a small town in Illinois. I was brutally abused from birth until I reached the age of fifteen by two family members and their friends. In order to escape the torturous life I was being forced to live I escaped into my mind and formed over 27 distinct personalities. I, like many people, was not correctly diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder until I was in my early 30’s. It was the answer I had always been looking for as I was troubled all throughout my life by the fact that I lost large amounts of time (sometimes years) and was always being told I said and did things I did not remember saying or doing. I have been in active therapy for 24 years and am just now beginning what I believe will be the last year of my travels with my marvelous therapist. I look at The Ivory Garden Trauma and Recovery Conference as the capstone to my recovery as I will meet the people I have grown to love and respect over these past two years, learning new skills, and being validated by respected and well known speakers. I have been on disability since 1995 and live on a fixed income but I dream of returning to the workplace some day in the future. I am at the ripe young age of 53 a college student struggling to perform.

I recently was diagnosed and treated for cancer. My friends at Ivory Garden stood up with me sending me over 70 get well cards and answering my cries for help on the website with understanding and love. I truly believe that being a member of Ivory Garden has enriched my life in too many ways to express here as it would take up way too much room!

I have spoken with Felicity Lee/Pat Goodwin on the phone many times and I believe she is an honorable and honest woman who is deeply interested and caring about others. She and the other Administrators work tirelessly to keep Ivory Garden going and I trust them implicitly. One need only visit IGDID.com to see that we care for one another and lift each other up every day. I consider them my family of choice. I voluntarily donate $5 each month to help support the many expenses of running such a quality website.

Written by:

Shirley Davis 5-4-14


The Ivory Garden DID support forum offers those of us living with DID a home where we are safe, nurtured, educated, and lifted toward healing. It’s an amazing place. We meet others living with DID, we share our stories and struggles, we share our triumphs and hopes, and we share great care for one another. It’s a vital resource for our community. As a dedicated peer support group, Ivory Garden brings a validating perspective that’s invaluable to those of us who live with this often isolating disorder.

This support group can be life-saving. It has been for me. I’m deeply indebted to all those on staff who make it possible for this forum to be available to those of us who depend on it.

Written by: Janet -5-4-14


Having been a member since 2012, I have had opportunity to talk with and get to know others who are walking a journey of healing from traumatic experiences that were prevailed through a gifted ability to dissociate. Unless you’ve experienced a “deep” level of dissociation, it can be difficult to understand or know how to respond to a person who does this as a reflex response to situations in life, and not by a conscious choice of awareness. All here are desiring to cope, and to move toward healthier ways of responding and keeping safe in the process. Here, those things are being achieved through the required acts of respect of others, educational opportunities from professional materials, to the sharing of “what has worked” for each of us under varying circumstances. It is a sad day when someone who simply does not agree with the way Ivory Garden keeps people safe and treated with respect, decides to publicly disparage the leaders and members and express lies about both. So many of us have gained so much here. I hope people will consider the “source” of where the information is coming from and realize that it is an unprovoked attack from a person who was quietly disbanded because they did not want to follow safety and legal guidelines. I will continue to stand by Ivory Garden.

Written by: Marsha 5-4-14


I have been part of Ivory Garden almost 5 months. I have not seen anything remotely that indicates that is being handle incorrectly or carelessly. I have been a nurse for over 30 yrs and prevalor of incest for 23 yrs. I do have knowledge of survivor sites and organizations. Both as a professional and as a member here. I know that there are no hidden agendas or mishandling of this site. It is being run with sensitivity and caring as well as within its legal boundaries. When I came to Ivory Garden, I was in a spiral of depression and self loathing. I am involved with a therapist of my own but she can’t be there to listen 24/7. This place has been a refuge between therapy, a place I can be whether I am the core person or I am caught in being parts. Ivory Garden has been instrumental in my therapeutic regime on the road to wellness. And I am grateful for all the safety reinforcing provided and information.DID can be very lonely – here I feel a part of a caring group, who truly cares.

Written by: violet 5-4-14


We love the openness of information about the boards and how things work. I feel we are always informed as members to the goings and coming and appreciate the facts and activities shared with the members as it helps us as a system to feel safe when made aware of the things going on and if we ever have any questions the team is always willing to help answer them, Thanks to the Whole Ivory Garden team!

Written by: OK 5-4-14


I am 38 years old, a wife, mother, best friend, model, dancer, teacher, music lover, and abuse prevalor. I just joined Ivory Garden, and I have never felt any less than welcome and accepted here, despite the fact that I am so new and still trying to figure all of this out. This is an open and honest place that I was so happy to find.  I am so thankful to have found such a supportive, friendly, accepting group of people, and I hope to have a wonderful relationship with Ivory Garden for years to come. Thank you for this place.

Written by: Cambria – 5-4-14


Ivory Garden DID Support Group has saved my life. I became a member almost six years ago and consider myself blessed to be a part of something so wonderful. I joined with hopes of meeting a few people who understood what it was like to have DID, and I gained a family. IGDID Support Group is full of the most understanding and caring people I have ever met. I’ve never been asked for one cent of my money to participate, and my only regret is that I am not financially able to help support Ivory Garden in that way. I am forever indebted to Felicity for starting the support group, and to the many members who have been my friends and family for so many years.

Written by: Linkin – 5-4-14


I do not remember the exact time I joined Ivory Garden, they were still talking about EZ board and the board I joined was in Yuku. I think it was around 2007. I have known Felicity Lee for almost that long. I have seen many things happen but Felicity always overcomes them, and she is an example of straightforward running of the board. I have been in therapy for DID since 2000, and when I first joined Ivory Garden my therapist told me it was a waste of time. That I should not go here. However, as time went on my social skills improved and my therapist saw how useful it was for me to come here. Having friends who also experience life as I do has been a great improvement for me. I had 38 separate personalities (due to severe child abuse) and I have done some integration and now have 7.
Felicity Lee is a caring, intelligent, talented person who has run her message boards well. I admire her and I enjoy going to this board.

Written by: Krathyn 5-4-14


Ivory Gardens has filled a need for me for many years. Having DID is not something many people understand, and when you are a professional, it is not something you can often allow to be widely known. Being able to come to Ivory Gardens for the past many years has helped me when I felt isolated, crazy, and afraid. I have been so blessed by the efforts of these leaders, and I trust them given what I have seen of their work to help others and tell their stories with integrity. It is my hope that before anyone judges these leaders, that they will look deeply at what the track record and work really is. Good work always draws critics and people who want to pull it down. Because I have seen what a good job they have done, and because I have experienced their care, I trust that these small minded efforts to interfere with their good work will quickly come to an end. Sincerely!

Written by: raysemma 5-4-14


I have been part of Ivory Garden for about a year. I joined soon after my diagnosis of DID. Ivory Garden has helped me through rough spots, helped me answer questions I had/have as I go on this long journey. It has also helped me to grow as I read and answer others posts. Even the games have been a fun break now and then. I have joined the 2014 conference committee and have interacted with all of the board members in various capacities. They have all been nothing but professional but very down to earth. They listen to everyone and it is not a dictatorship by any means. I look forward to my roll on site at the conference. I have also donated monthly to the site. Not once did I think my donation was going to anything else than the site and the group. I will continue to give so that this community can continue to thrive.

Written by: Julie 5-4-14


I have been an active member of Ivory Garden for the past 4 years. I have both sought support and provided support to a wonderful, healing group of prevalors. I have recommended other people to use this on-line group to gain support in their healing. Ivory Gardens has been a safe, healing, fun, learning, supportive on-line place to make and sustain wonderful on-line relationships with people who are healing their pain. Each of us is unique, with different histories and different lives but connected through the pain of abuse and DID. I completely trust this wonderful support group with my story and with my pain. There is no judging, shaming or blaming within the group or its members. The guidelines and rules keep it safe. There is complete confidentiality as members choose or not to keep their identities safe. I am an international member and am so grateful that the group includes members from all over the world. Pat, Lori and Heather work endlessly to continue to provide services such as Chat, resources and much more. I think that the upcoming conference is brilliant and the opportunity it provides is priceless. I fully trust and value Pat, Lori, and Heather and this sacred place of support.

Written by: Joan L. – Canada 5-4-14


I have been part of Ivory Garden for nearly a year. Having found out that I experience dissociation caused by severe childhood trauma, was surprising, yet as I searched for answers, made sense. I knew I needed more than just my therapist, so I looked on line and found Ivory Garden. It had information about DID, a supportive and caring forum, which has been a life saver! And a wonderful staff, whose goal is to help other survivors. I am proud to be a moderator here to support others as I have, and still do, receive support.

Written by: ~Promise 5-5-14


I am a prevalor of s*xual and Ritualistic Abuse (RA). At a very young age, I split into several different “alters” in order to deal with the physical and emotional pain being inflicted upon me. I have acted out the abuse upon myself throughout my entire life in the misguided attempt to understand what happened and to come to terms with the abuse, but I did not understand why I was doing what I was doing. Nor did I understand why some strange things happened to me, things that I could not explain (like seeing myself as “the other girl” from a point several yards away from my body). I first came across Ivory Garden in November of 2012. It was a challenging time for me as I had recently lost a beloved grandmother and a family pet in short order–after having watched both suffer and knowing I could do nothing to help them. I had been under-employed for half a dozen years or more, attempting to finish a master’s degree, and run a household–all at the same time. Although I had not acted out the rituals in over 9 years, I was suddenly self-harming repeatedly and I did not know why. I began hearing voices inside my head, screaming for help. I was terrified of sleeping at night. Ivory Garden helped me to understand what was happening to me, helped me become less fearful of what my therapist described as a form of dissociative identity disorder. In 2013, a series of stressful events took place that prevented me from coming to Ivory Garden. Both Felicity and Shadow wrote to me and asked me whether I was all right. They showed genuine concern for me, and they helped me to get through a time when I was seriously considering suicide to end the pain. They took care of me when other “support groups” were doing just the opposite. When I have been faced with a rough spot, and I am happy to say that I have many friends here who support me, and whom I support. All I can say is, “Thank goodness that Ivory Garden has been there for me!” because Ivory Garden has literally saved my life.

Written by: RC 5-5-14


These references were written in just a couple days as members came on our board. Names are changed to protect the identity of members.

We are looking forward to the upcoming conference!

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